16 10月 2019


Today, the creation of a text is covered by more texts, forming a wave of texts that disappear in a fleeting moment. Hermeneutics often believe that the creation of text is a fragment of the author’s thoughts, and semiotics focus more on the individual details of the text than on the meaning. However, the disappearance of the text presents another implication: the pastime of the text, and the playfulness of it.

Sima Yuan pays attention to the text generation on the daily social network (WeChat). She thinks that it is a kind of dialogue of texts between different netizens. She re-edited the “WeChat Moments” written by different people on-line and logically arranged them to form a new text – a kind of poetry made up of “ready-made sentences”. In this arrangement, the destiny of the rapid disappearance of web texts has been eliminated. They are reactivated, full of grafting, translation, misreading, and reinterpret. “Acquisition-(Text)” is such an expression about “remodeling” in everyday life. Words become imagination though reading. In the works without any visual presentation, those absent images get full association in text acquisition.