19 6月 2019


The images become the intersection point of the time in the process of consumption. It is a specimen of memory that implants and interferes with people’s behaviors toward consumption. In contrast, the consumer list is a combination of paper and printed writing that solemnly suggests the outcome of consumption. The words that disappeared over time symbolize the paleness after the consumption behavior through the images. From the viewing of commercial images to the list of texts for “acquisition” consumption, it is proved by Jean Baudrillard that “advertising embodies the pursuit of man-made happiness.” On the basis of affirmative image temptation, the work Acquisition- (Image) uses a series of ready-made products such as advertisement images and consumption lists as materials. Through these images and texts that can be easily obtained or discarded in daily life, the artist acquires some visual symbol that can negate the “truth”.

In Acquisition- (Image), the French sentences that were typed by an old typewriter are folk slangs from different Swiss states. The permanence of these world-famous sayings confuses the viewing inertia of “images implanted in the brain” and becomes a kind of prophecy for future generations in the accompanying images and consumer evidence. When “acquisition” becomes the result,the interference of the image on the language proves the conceptual function of the language itself and eliminates the original meaning of the images.