19 6月 2019

AWARENESS is about the creation itself. An independent spirit and a versatile artist, SIMA Yuan believes that creation is an acquisition of heightened awareness in all possible ways and areas.

According to SIMA Yuan, the outer world and our awareness of it are the same while time is only a habitual way of thinking about the phenomenal world. Each moment, our awareness presents in different external forms in varying degrees which explains why creation is an image of our own mind.
Using innovative techniques and employing often ordinary materials SIMA obtains most unusual effects with regards the color, shape and texture. Moreover, this explorative approach makes people rethink the way they perceive and value objects of everyday life. Anticipation of unusual effects, selection of materials and the modification of the results obtained transform the whole process into a highly creative activity.
The subtlety of SIMA’s art resides in the establishing of a close relationship between the inner esthetic feeling and the objects, which often present to the eye in a disordered way but in her works of art all fall in their proper place. Most of the artist’s works are the result of inner dialogues between her and material objects which usually happen late at night when there are no distractions. Therefore, her art respires tranquility and peace.

The first part of the exhibition is the Encephalogram Series, which uses the scanner as the “eye” to view the objects. The employment of the “pure manual” approach allows everyday objects in motion to interact directly with the light thus producing most unusual effects. The second part is the Cardiogram Series, which uses digital printing. In it, the artist tries to depict the inner structure of objects, instead of their apparent structure .