19 6月 2019

There are the written poems (canvas marker paintings in the row above) and the recited poems (audio analysis images in the row below) here.

Canvas marker paintings: All the Chinese characters contained in a poem were written on the canvas and overlap each other. Each painting presents a different poem so we can see all the texts in a poem at the same moment, while they may make no sense to us. The linear temporal structure in poetry text is compressed and changed in the process of transforming into paintings and the boundaries between painting and writing are thus erased.

Audio analysis images: The poems were first recited and recorded before the sound of them was converted to audio analysis images. In each image, the complete content of a poem was preserved as well as the hidden life information such as emotion and breath when SIMA Yuan recited the poems. They are right in front of us, while we seem hear nothing. The semiotic meaning that literature depends on becomes completely “useless” here.